Hosting An Au Pair as A ChildCare Option – Creating a Gobal Family

As parents, we provide opportunities to demonstrate and teach our children how to love. Inviting an au pair into your home offers many valuable teaching moments to kindness, patience, empathy, and love towards another in numerous daily interactions but also in more significant moments.

Getting your children involved and excited from the beginning is easily accomplished and begins with a “welcome home” at the airport maybe even balloons and flowers upon your au pairs arrival. Teaching your children, the joy of brightening someone’s day and making another person feel special with this simple act is invaluable.

Italian Au Pair Meets her new host family

Italian au pair Alessandra just met her new host family for the first time at the airport and—WOW—what an emotional moment for everyone! Balloons, signs and lots of smiles and hugs really help make an au pair feel welcome!

Posted by Jennifer Morrow, Local Childcare Consultant, Cultural Care Au Pair on Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Providing positive encouragement and praise while your au pair learns their new environment. It’s not only your family, your home, your schedule but also the neighborhood, grocery stores, and vehicles. Your au pair is very excited to be in the U.S. with you and your family. It’s exciting, overwhelming and intimidating all at the same time and with encouragement from you their confidence will quickly grow, and they will soar in their role and duties. Be sure to practice forgiveness along the way as mistakes are sure to happen; we are all human.
Acknowledging their birthday and making it unique or when they had a bad day and providing emotional support, a hug, or a note from the kids.

Encouraging your au pair to share her favorite recipes and spending time cooking or baking together is a great way to bond with your au pair. Sharing meals gives you an opportunity to ask questions about your au pairs home country and background and asking details about her childhood and upbringing. Opening another world and broadening your children’s perspective is exciting.  

Your au pair will become part of your family, in sync with the rhythm of your household and before you know it she is leaving imprints of her culture behind in your lives forever through food, songs, words, shared holidays, traditions and memories.

As your children grow, you may end up creating your own international family, like the Pond family in Colorado who has hosted six au pairs from Colombia, one from Venezuela, one from Sweden, and currently, one from Denmark.

When the Pond’s families first au pair, Aleja’s announced she was engaged, the Pond’s six former au pairs urged the family to reunite in Colombia for the occasion.

Watch the fantastic union captured, Creating a Global Family, The Pond Story.

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