Family and the Au Pair Heart

Are you willing to provide a “home away from home” to your au pair, an international visitor? In exchange, your au pair is trained to care for your children while you are away. Opening your home and your heart to this unique cross-cultural childcare program will enrich your lives in numerous ways. If you think you would enjoy sharing your culture, customs and holidays with your au pair and have interest in learning more about your au pair’s home country, culture, food, music, and so much more, then you have the Au Pair Heart and you would make a great “home away from home.”

Childcare is a meaningful way for an au pair to gain insight into American life. While your au pair is providing loving, consistent and trustworthy childcare to your children, your family will receive many positive and heartwarming benefits from the cultural exchange.


  1. Less stress! You won’t need to deal with stressful drop-offs or pick-ups. You create a schedule that works for you; nights, weekends, holidays, etc. You will no longer need to rush to make the 6:00 pm pick from your child’s daycare or scramble to find coverage with a last-minute work event.
  2. Your au pair becomes a “big sister” to your children. As part of your family, your au pair sees your children as a family. She treats them and loves them as a family member.
  3. You will always have coverage! Coverage for sick days, snow days, summer and school vacations.
  4. You will have peace of mind away from home knowing your children are well cared for and loved.
  5. Your family is creating a global family and lifelong friendships with your au pair.
  6. You are creating cultural awareness – without leaving home.
  7. Your child gains a broader perspective on the world.
  8. Quality time as a family. Your au pair will be able to help you with child-related chores like the laundry, keeping your children’s room clean, packing lunches and help with cooking the meals.
  9. Your child receives personalized, one-on-one attention. Trips to the museum and zoo, arts and crafts time, potty-training help, homework help.
  10. Your au pair will know how your home works because she is a member of the household.
  11. Fun! Au pairs can add a layer of fun and excitement to your lives and be a positive role model for your children.
  12. Your au pair’s schedule can differ day by day, and you can alter the schedule each week as your needs change.
  13. Your children are in the comfort of their own home.
  14. An au pair provides consistent and loving childcare for up to two years.
  15. Your children learn to respect another person.

All our au pairs are evaluated to assure English competency. However, one of the motivating factors of au pairs to participate in this program is to improve their language skills. While an au pair should not be expected only to speak her language in your home, au pairs are happy to teach your children, their native language through activities and songs, if you desire this as the host parent.

We are the largest and the only agency that recruits and screens our own candidates and do not use third-party recruiters. Our au pairs are First Aid, and CPR certified. They have their own health insurance, international driver’s license, with experience ranging from newborns, toddlers, school-aged, and special needs children.

With the help of a personalized matching specialist, we can offer insight and guidance on the matching and selection process to help you find a great au pair candidate to meet your family’s unique needs.

I am happy to answer any questions or to help you get started on your way to an incredible experience hosting an au pair!


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