Au Pairs Celebrate Day of the Dead

As the holidays approach, remember that your au pair may experience a renewed sense of homesickness during this time and some au pairs may not even recognize that what they’re feeling is homesickness. Some signs might include looking tired or withdrawn, complaining of minor aches and pains, showing decreased interest in people or activities she has enjoyed. If you are concerned about your au pair you can always call me, and I will be happy to speak with her, but there are ways you can help too!

  1. Include your au pair when you can in family activities and preparations for the holidays. Your au pair will be interested not only in your family traditions but in American holiday celebrations in general.
  2. Invite your au pair to share her cultural heritage with you. Perhaps there are specific rituals that would be fun for your kids to learn about.
  3. Encourage your au pair to stay in contact with her own family throughout the season with regularly scheduled Skype calls.
  4. Brainstorm with your au pair about holiday recipes or crafts she can prepare with your kids.
  5. Let your au pair know you are happy she’s spending the holiday season with you! She will appreciate your tuning into her feelings.
  6. Suggest some activities around town she might enjoy with her friends –

Many au pairs have difficulty with holiday homesickness but are too shy or embarrassed to bring it up. By reaching out you will head off any chance depressed feelings might have to settle in.

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Thursday, 15 October 2020 7:21 PM


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