Need an extra pair of hands? Hire an Au Pair

I help families consider the option of welcoming an au pair into their homes and hearts as an option for childcare.  If you have more than two children, need flexibility, and have an interest in cultural-exchange, this could be a fantastic option for your family.

As a mom of three, I know the importance of finding quality childcare and having peace of mind when your away from your children. It’s also essential to maintain a work-life balance and to manage the demands on our time. I am a Local Childcare Consultant, and I provide resources needed to help families make a well-informed decision about the au pair childcare option. I do believe this is an excellent childcare solution for many, but it doesn’t fit all family needs. Here are a few of the reasons the program does work well.

Most working parents agree that work-life balance has a lot to do with time and flexibility. Choosing an au pair for childcare provides parents with more options for scheduling and last-minute coverage.

Families with live-in childcare find that children can take the morning at their own pace rather than be rushed out the door to meet a parent’s work schedule, providing everyone in the family with a more relaxed start to their day.

Au pairs can help with transportation to after-school activities, homework help, and meal preparation, which helps make for more balanced evenings.

An au pair can help with the children’s laundry. 

And it happens each year that both of my children get sick without fail. Having an au pair provides coverage on sick days, holiday breaks, summer breaks, and the increasing number of assessment days.

In addition to these reasons, you have dependability, an extra driver in the home, a loving caregiver, and a caregiver who is CPR and First Aid certified. Au pairs come from many countries all over the world and share their language and culture with your family, fostering a sense of curiosity.

The average cost per month for the family, regardless of children, is $1630. Having an au pair can be much less than the cost of daycare and nannies.

To learn more, visit my website and register at no cost to begin viewing available au pairs and to work directly with me!

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