Paying for childcare; which childcare solution is right for you?

Childcare quiz: which childcare solution is right for you?

What is your weekly budget for childcare?

  • Based on where I live, a daycare center or family daycare would be the best financial solution
  • Based on where I live, an au pair, or nanny share would be more affordable than daycare

Which is more important to you?

  • Socialization for my child
  • One-on-one attention and the ability to choose a specific caregiver

How much flexibility do you need?

  • Little to none; my family’s schedule doesn’t change much
  • The option to schedule coverage outside of traditional work hours would be a big benefit

How important is convenience?

  • Not very—I’m not concerned about it
  • Convenience is important to me

Could you use some help around the house? Or an extra driver? Or someone to help with homework?

  •  I don’t really need any extra help
  • A little bit of help with household chores would be beneficial

How soon do you need childcare?

  • I’ve got plenty of time to figure it out
  • I need someone in the next couple of months or less

How much control do you want over your child’s environment?

  • I’m happy leaving the daily activities and environment to someone else to worry about
  • I prefer having more control over where my children are and what they’re doing all-day

Are you interested in cultural exchange?

  • I could take it or leave it
  • Yes, I would love to expose my children to a different culture

Would live-in care be an acceptable option for you?

  • No. I don’t have the room and/or a live-in just isn’t for me
  • Yes, I would consider a live-in caregiver

How willing are you to invest time into a relationship with your caregiver?

  • Not very; I don’t have it in me to invest time and energy into another relationship in my life
  • I would be willing to nurture a relationship with my caregiver if I thought it would benefit my family

If you scored mostly:


You are best suited to: Your answers indicate that your family would benefit from securing childcare with a traditional center-based daycare or family daycare.

Center-based daycare – Childcare provided by a state-regulated center in a group setting; individual workers’ education and training requirements vary by setting and state. Cost for daycare varies widely by state, but it’s going to be expensive. A flex spending account can help defray some of the cost.

Family daycare Childcare provided by individuals in the providers’ own home; required to have a state health and safety license.

Determining factors of daycare costs:

  1. Location
  2. Provider experience
  3. Licensing and accreditation status
  4. Child’s age
  5. Meals
  6. Supplies

Parents pay an average in Colorado of $325 a week ($65 daily), or $75 a day for part-time care.

In Colorado, the annual cost per infant is $9741, and for a 4-year old $8735.




Your answers indicate that your family would benefit from hiring a nanny or nanny share.

Nanny – An individual who cares for children in a family; may or may not be formally trained. Screening may or may not be done for you.  According to the 2017 International Nanny Association survey, the average hourly rate is $19.14. That’s $861.30 for a 45-hour week. Again, that can vary by state, community, agency, and qualifications.

Nanny Share – An individual who cares for children from more than one family; may or may not be formally trained. Screening may or may not be done for you. Here’s a link to explain the pro’s and con’s and how to set up a nanny share.


Your answers indicate that your family would benefit from inviting an au pair or family member to care for your children. To find out more about au pair childcare, visit:

How much does it cost to host an au pair?
Based on welcoming an au pair for a 51-week program term, the average monthly cost to host an au pair is $1,596.10. This price is per family, not per child so no matter how many children you have, your cost stays the same. View our in-depth breakdown of program costs. This average fee is even lower if you applied to our program with a discount. (Ask me about our program discounts)

Au pair – A young adult from overseas who joins a family for one to two years to provide childcare; all Cultural Care au pairs are screened, trained and certified by the American Heart Association in adult and pediatric CPR/AED and First Aid.

Family coverage Childcare provided by a family member like a grandparent or sibling (also referred to as “kith and kin” care); may or not be formally trained.


Childcare is a meaningful way for an au pair to gain insight into American life. While your au pair provides loving, consistent, and trustworthy childcare to your children, your family will receive many positive and heartwarming benefits from the cultural exchange. Does your family have the Au Pair Heart to host? Discover the enriching benefits today!

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