Au Pair Kacka from Czechoslovakia finds her Heart in Colorado!

Kacka from Czechoslovakia,

What lead you to the decision to extend for another full year?
I just wasn’t ready to go home yet. I love every second of being here and being a part of the family. In 16 months I have changed so much. I grew more responsible, confident and it just helped me flourish as a woman.

Why did you decide to stay with your same host family?
I’ve always had an amazing relationship and connection with my family back home, and I thought I would never feel the same way about anyone else. Well, I was wrong. The moment I got to my family in the states I never really felt doubted or unworthy. I was given time to settle and to get used to a new lifestyle as it was very different from what I knew and was used to. To me they’re not my host family, they are My Family.

What do you love about living in Colorado?  
I love the people, and I love the view. People here always seem super positive and in a good mood. The nature in Colorado? That deserves as much attention as it can possibly get. Colorful Colorado is a real statement, and I believe everyone should witness the beauty of it at least once in their life.

Czech au pairs make great au pairs because

  • Most are over 20 years old.
  • Mature and know what they expect from the au pair program and their life.
  • They are also very flexible, open-minded, hardworking and always ready to help if needed.
  • Czech au pairs are very adaptable to new situations.
  • Czechs are raised to be hard-working, and they are very grateful for getting the chance to work abroad and to gain new experiences.
  • They look to be a true friend of the family and the children and to feel that their work and experiences are appreciated.
  • The driver’s license is more difficult to get in the Czech Republic than in the United States. They are used to driving in the cities, on the highways, country roads, in the snow and rain.
  • Many young people in the Czech Republic love sports. Soccer and skiing are favorites as well as biking, running, hiking or ball games

Are you willing to provide a “home away from home” to your au pair, an international visitor? In exchange, your au pair is trained to care for your children while you are away. Opening your home and your heart to this unique cross-cultural childcare program will enrich your lives in numerous ways. If you think you would enjoy sharing your culture, customs and holidays with your au pair and have interest in learning more about your au pair’s home country, culture, food, music, and so much more, then you have the Au Pair Heart and you would make a great “home away from home.”

Childcare is a meaningful way for an au pair to gain insight into American life. While your au pair will be providing a loving, consistent and trustworthy childcare to your children, your family will receive many positive and heartwarming benefits from the cultural exchange.  Family and the Au Pair Heart 

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