Monthly Au Pair Meetings are Important

As a Local Childcare Consultant for Cultural Care Au Pair, I see the benefits of providing au pairs with support at the monthly au pair meetings and the importance of these gatherings. It is an opportunity for an au pair to network, socialize and share information. New arriving au pairs look forward to these au pair meetings as a way to meet other au pairs in their area and to begin making friends. It is also an opportunity on occasion to try the untried and to expand and grow as an individual and sometimes to sit and encourage one another as one au pair may be dealing with homesickness and other au pairs can offer support. Au pairs can come together in a safe and sometimes fun environment and share this unique experience and the journey they are on together. My role is to monitor and make sure they are well cared for and respected in their host family homes and in general as they navigate the U.S. that can sometimes be challenging or difficult as a young person and foreign individual. Having in-person contact allows a relationship to develop and grow and so much more can be revealed about a person than from a text message or a phone conversation. These monthly meetings are for the benefit of the au pairs and will increase the relationships and community around us. What we can put into each other will be given back to us all as individuals, this fantastic program, our host families, the children and as a whole in so many beautiful ways.  

Throughout several years, my au pairs and I have done a variety of au pair meetings. We have created jewelry; coffee meetups; balloon making animals; self-defense; water safety, and paddleboarding; fire safety and the Castlerock fire department; pumpkin carving at my home; dance class; canvas painting; and our most recent and upcoming adventure will be participating in a unique opportunity, a Fashion Show with Salwa Owens, Fierce In The City.

It’s SHOWTIME Denver !!! FIERCE IN THE CITY, where live MUSIC and FASHION meet on the runway, is ready to bring back the high energy RUNWAY filled with stunning fashion and amazing musical talent, for an overall FIERCE NIGHT! The third FIERCE IN THE CITY event, produced by fashion designer Salwa Owens, will take place SATURDAY DECEMBER 8th at one of Denver’s hottest social venues, the newly relaunched NATIV Hotel Denver! SEE YOU ON THE RUNWAY!!!

Jennifer Morrow, LCC Past Au Pair Meetings! 


I love my role as an advocate and educator for this cultural-exchange and childcare program. I believe this is an incredible opportunity for au pairs to come to the U.S. and share their culture with our children and community and to open up a bigger world to those around us. Providing a loving and personalized older “sister” or “aunt” to work around our schedule that provides consistent and dependable care to our children is an investment in our children’s safety and well being. I am very impressed with the au pairs that I have the privilege to meet. They are a delight and joy and a wealth of stories and knowledge and fun.

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