#Aupairheart – Facing Differences Self-Portrait Contest


Celebrate our differences by creating a self-portrait for @StudentsRebuild #FacingDifference Challenge. Submit your self-portrait digitally to my email at aupairheart@gmail.com or to my website: aupairheartchallenge.com You are joining my team,  AuPairHeart. The @BezosFamilyFoundations will match each portrait created with $3 – up to $600k – for @Carefans and @sfcg.org’s youth peacebuilding programs. As an extra incentive to participate in this Challenge, I will be giving away two Amazon Gift Cards to two giving participants. I will announce the winners on February 27, on my FB page. The winners must have “liked” my FB page.  I must receive all self-portraits by February 25th.   

Portraits can be created from simple drawings with pencil or marker to colorful paintings to abstract representations through photography. Have #Fun! Be #Creative. Get your #HostKids Involved!  Be sure to share this challenge. Together we can make a huge impact. 

By joining the Challenge, young people will create a meaningful self-portrait that reflects their sense of identity. Each portrait submitted generates funding from the Bezos Family Foundation—up to $600,000—to support programs run by CARE and Search for Common Ground, helping youth on different sides of conflict build peace.

Jennifer Morrow
Childcare Consultant
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The success of our program is due to amazing American families who open up their hearts and homes to a young person from overseas and embark on an enriching cross-cultural experience. 
If you know of a family anywhere in the U.S. who might be interested in welcoming an au pair- please refer them directly to me!

Friday, 2 February 2018 1:38 AM


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