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This article, It’s a real struggle to find affordable childcare in Colorado written by Jaclyn Allen in the Denver Post is a fascinating article and unfortunate at the same time that childcare has gotten so expensive and difficult to obtain. With the rising costs of childcare and the increasing population in Colorado, it has lead to a shortage of daycare providers. As the Childcare Coordinator, I have the opportunity to work with many au pairs from over 23 different countries who are eager to experience the American culture and provide excellent childcare in an American home. All of the au pairs have undergone background checks, have been through a multi-step screening and training process and had childcare experience. I enjoy the opportunity to share and educate families in Colorado about this alternative childcare solution. The au pair program offers families many benefits that they will not receive from the traditional daycare setting.  You can read more following this link on the benefits of Au Pair Childcare Improves Work-Life balance.

Many people think that the au pair program is too expensive to consider for childcare which is not the case. For a family with two children or more, you will end up saving more in expenses and peace of mind when you choose the au pair program.  When you combine the cost of the au pair program, the convenience, the flexibility, dependability and the trust that comes from a caregiver that becomes part of your family the au pair programs becomes a desirable option.

Colorado Ranks Among Most Expensive For Childcare

When parents can find a slot, the question remains can they afford it? Colorado consistently ranks among the most expensive states for licensed childcare. From 2007-2014, daycare rates for infants shot up 21 percent in Colorado, while incomes only went up 12 percent, according to a 2016 report by the Colorado Children’s Campaign. 

On average, according to a 2016 Child Care Aware Report, the annual cost for child care centers is $14,950 a year for infants and $11,089 for a 4-year-old. In-Home daycare is less expensive, but still costs $9,620 for infants and $8,626 for a 4-year-old.

 Au Pairs – are educated, fun, brave, talented, adventerous, and bring another culture and world into your home.


$18,953.25 – TOTAL ANNUAL COST – Costs associated with hosting an au pair include our agency fees and the weekly stipend paid directly to your au pair.

$1,579.44 – MONTHLY COST –  This is the average cost per month when dividing the total annual cost.

REGISTRATION FEE $75 Registration fee waived @

Payment of the registration fee will allow you to register online, begin our personalized matching process and access our online database of available au pair profiles. Due at the time of registration.

PROCESSING FEE $300 – Payment of the processing fee will secure your au pair match, allow us to process visa paperwork and reserve flights. Due upon final selection of your au pair.

PROGRAM FEE $8,595 Program fee includes recruitment and screening, Training School, matching services, orientation, round-trip international airfare, basic travel medical insurance and year-long support from your local childcare consultant. Due 30 days before au pair’s arrival. Payment plans are available.  

AU PAIR WEEKLY STIPEND $195.75 The weekly stipend is paid by you directly to your au pair for 51 weeks, including two weeks of paid vacation.

  Benefits of  Au Pair Childcare

  • FLEXIBILITY – An au pair can provide up to 45 hours per week of childcare (up to 10 hours per day) on a schedule you decide, including early morning, evening and weekend coverage. Au pairs can also care for your children when they are sick, out of school on snow days and during school vacations. Families with busy schedules love hosting au pairs!
  • TRUST – Because an au pair lives with you as a member of your family, your relationship with her develops quickly, and mutual trust happens much faster than with a daycare provider or live-out nanny. After an initial period of adjustment, our host parents describe feeling a broad sense of comfort knowing their children are cared for by someone they know and respect.
  • CULTURE – Au pairs come from many countries all over the world and can expose your entire family to their language and culture. Your children will learn words in your au pair’s native tongue and well as songs and games from her home country. Au pairs also help children gain a renewed appreciation for their own environment and a desire to see more of the world.
  •  PROTECTION – Cultural Care Au Pair is a government-regulated program, meaning there are guidelines in place designed to protect both families and au pairs during the exchange year. It also means that au pairs travel to the U.S. on a legal J-1 visa, allowing them to stay in the country (and with your family) for up to two years.

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