Au Pair from Czech Republic arrives

Welcome Kat to the US!

Kat joins the S family and their adorable and bright little girl. Kat has always enjoyed being around children. She is patient, confident, kind, creative, and passionate. Kat is an animal lover and rode horses for over six years and a very talented artist. She has recently begun dabbling in watercolors. Kat is excited to be part of her American family and has repeatedly said how much she loves her host family. I know this host family has been so generous and supportive which is evident in the warm and expressive conversations and excitement I hear in  Kat’s voice.
I am so happy when families spend the initial time upfront to support their au pairs getting them acclimated and comfortable. In turn, host families will find that their au pair will need less support from them, but the appreciation for their early efforts will appear in beautiful ways

Thursday, 9 November 2017 4:43 PM


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