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Please join us as at Butterfield park on August 6th, from 3-5 pm for a last Hooray for Summer 2017 as we near the end of our lazy days of summer spent by the pool, barbecuing for the weekend with friends, celebrating summer holidays, camping trips and summer vacations.
This host family event is open to all past, current, and upcoming host families and for families who may be interested to learn more about this childcare option and cultural-exchange program. Please RSVP to let me know if you plan to attend and how many will be joining you! I look forward to seeing you!
Butterfield park information and map
home away from home
Miriam from Italy
Miriam is an Italian au pair from the Verona City in the North of Italy. She is 24 years old. She is described as mature, sunny, sweet, active, and positive! She likes hiking, reading, watching movies and cooking.
Miriam spent the last year as an au pair in New York city caring for three children ages 4, 9 and 13. Her days were filled with the children’s busy schedule, running errands, sharing her joy of cooking with them and teaching them to cook Italian gnocchi and lasagna. She will be extending for an additional 9 months and joining the E family and their two active older children in Castle Rock.
Miriam is looking forward to joining her new host family and our beautiful state of Colorado where she will find plenty of hiking opportunities!
Cultural Tips about Italian Au Pairs

  • Italians really like their spaces to be tidy and clean. In Italy, usually, parents are very strict and obsessed in having and keeping a clean house.
  • Italy is a country which experiences very hot summers and mild winters. Italians are not couch potatoes at all. They enjoy spending time outdoors as much as they can.
  • An Italian au pair is a people person: they are made for interpersonal relations.
  • Italian au pairs are in for the family experience.
love our meetings
love to create
Growing up, my mother captured our vacations, birthdays, holidays, sporting events and special occasions by taking pictures with her 35-mm camera. She was also very organized at developing the roll of film and putting these photos into an album on our living room shelf. Throughout our childhood we would often grab one of these albums and reminiscence.  As grown adults, we do this now at family gatherings with our children and still find pleasure and laughter in the photos for different reasons. This has also been a fun tradition, I’ve carried on with my own children in our home.
I’ve heard about other families, creating books of funny quotes their child had said.
Thinking about these two memorable and cherished books that families hold onto and this time of year that many au pairs are coming and leaving, I thought I would suggest these ideas.AU PAIRS: Put together a wonderful scrapbook of memorable photos of your host children and the hilarious things they say and a silly picture to go with it to gift to your host families at the end of your year.HOST FAMILY: A great, thoughtful going away gift would be to capture some wonderful memories of you and your au pair sharing the past year or two of your life together. You can always add memorable quotes or captions about that day that made the memory special to you. I’ve created many photo books on ShutterflyWalgreensSnapfish,  and Walmart. There is a ton of sites to choose from.
august compliance

Au pair’s are required to attend monthly meetings in their community. As we have many new incoming au pairs it is a great opportunity to connect and form friendships with other au pairs as well as speak with myself, your LCC face-to-face. I try to plan events and activities that we will all enjoy. I want the meetings to be a time for us to talk, laugh, and have fun! Meetings are also a way for me to check in with you and to make sure you are doing okay, answer questions about the program or anything else. I care about you all! I want you all to have a successful experience.

HOST FAMILY Compliance:  It is your responsibility to ensure that your au pair attends these meetings by driving her, allowing her to drive herself or paying for her to travel by public transportation. Meetings are Mandatory and your au pair must attend to be in good standing with the state department. If something prevents your au pair from attending a scheduled meeting, please let me know ahead of time, that your au pair will be absent. Two (2) meetings can be excused with pre-approval from your LCC, such as class, illness, vacation, or a commitment to your family. Failure to attend meetings will result in an incomplete, as far as program requirements. You will be reported to the Program Director and a Compliance Officer.

Tip: Meetings are not the only time for us to talk, if at anytime you have a question or concern, please reach out to me immediately!!! I am always happy to help!

for the love
The benefit of having a large group of au pairs in our area will provide au pairs with support, friendship and community. It is a proven fact that when your au pair is happy and doing well outside your loving home in her personal time, she will also continue to do well while in your home too! Please share the reason why you find this program beneficial for your family; either for the flexibility, the affordability, the cultural exchange, the lifestyle, the convenience, the personalized attention, the fun the au pair brings into your home, whatever your reason may be, please share this program with those who share your same “spirit” of this program!
Thank you for all that you do! Send referrals directly to me for personalized help no matter what state they are in.

upcoming mandatory au pair meetings
August 6th – 3:00 – 5:00 pm – FREE
Butterfield Park – Host family Event/Au pair meeting
Ice cream social and relay games 

Park information and map found – HERE
Village Inn
Pie & Game
Aupairheart, 2017
Flexible, affordable, cross-cultural exchange and childcare program
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