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There are a variety of ways to spend the 4th of July. Some of you may be celebrating at the Rockies baseball game followed by their never disappointing firework display, or at a barbecue playing lawn games like horse shoes, corn hole, and ladder ball, maybe retreating to the mountains this year to beat the heat, or staying at home to put the babies to bed and to watch the fireworks across the Denver skyline from your balcony or roof, (we’ve done this). This year my family and I will be heading to Cornerstone park where we will spend the day relaxing enjoying our family and friends, listening to the provided park band, paying the overpriced games for the kids to kill time, and you can count on me oohing and awing along with the crowd once the firework display begins. Where ever you end up this year, Happy 4th of July!
Where to go to watch the Fireworks?
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Estelle from France
Estelle skydiving with a friend in Colorado during her first au pair experience. 

Estelle is a mature, 22-year-old from France who is returning to her first host family’s home for a second au pair experience. Estelle connected so well with the L family and their growing girls and was thrilled to be asked back into their home, hearts, lives, and our beautiful state of Colorado. Estelle enjoyed the challenges but also the pleasures that came with being a “big sister” to their growing children and is excited to be coming back in August.
Estelle will be leaving her countryside home, an hour’s drive from Paris where her mother, brother and sister reside.

Estelle has a passion to travel. She has been to Germany, Spain, Greece, other European countries, Kenya and road tripped last summer traveling the west coast of the U.S. One of Estelle’s main reason for wanting to be an au pair besides her love for children is her desire to travel. She still has many places she would like to see and things to do.

Cultural Tips about French Au Pairs

  • Family has always been the most important element of society, and most French people put a high priority on spending time with their families.
  • In France, having discussions and questioning things is widely embraced – a family might perceive it as arrogance, but it is simply a communication mean and part of the culture.
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fun on wheels
My family and I enjoy Colorado’s four seasons in the year, the array of activities this beautiful state offers, the unbeatable beauty, the lack of humidity, the culture, sports, and friendly people we meet on the many trails we hike and bike. During our summer, our favorite family activity has always been evening bike rides. As of last summer, my kids have been able to bike on their own. FINALLY! The kids have progressed from the trailer, to the tandem bike, to riding on their own bikes. I recently came across this great list of family bike rides I found in Colorado Parent, Best Family Bike Trails. I thought I’d share what we love with all of you! Have FUN!
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july compliance
Be mindful of the fact that au pairs are working and living in the same environment. Just as we are aware of our time and when we are working and not working, au pairs are keeping track of their on-duty hours too. Be careful that their off-duty time is being respected. We all need time away from our jobs to refresh ourselves so that we can give our best to those we love, the children!  

Compliance:  Keep in mind that any time you would expect your au pair to take over responsibility for the children, whether you are present or not, is considered part of their 45-hour limit. Children napping and overnight sleeping hours are counted as on-duty hours.

Tip: Using the Daily Communication Journal is a great tool for host families and au pairs to use to track the daily/weekly/monthly schedule, log your au pair’s ON-Duty and OFF-Duty time, write down appointments, confirm weekly stipend payments, and to keep notes of things to discuss.

Read more on, How to Help Your Au Pair Succeed

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The benefit of having a large group of au pairs in our area will provide au pairs with support, friendship and community. It is a proven fact that when your au pair is happy and doing well outside your loving home in her personal time, she will also continue to do well while in your home too! Please share the reason why you find this program beneficial for your family; either for the flexibility, the affordability, the cultural exchange, the lifestyle, the convenience, the personalized attention, the fun the au pair brings into your home, whatever your reason may be, please share this program with those who share your same “spirit” of this program!
Thank you for all that you do! Send referrals directly to me for personalized help no matter what state they are in.
upcoming mandatory au pair meetings
July 17th – 6:40 pm
Rockies Baseball Game
Pepsi Center $6August 6th – 3:30 pm – FREE
Butterfield Park – Host family Event/ Au pair meeting
Ice cream social and games

September 21st – 7:30 pm – FREE

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