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School is out for the summer! Several au pairs are caring for school aged children and your routine has changed. I would recommend printing a blank calendar for the summer and filling it in with at least one activity a day to do with your host child(ren) to fill your summer days. The au pairs who are caring for infants and toddlers, your schedule will most likely not be effected much, but you may be looking for more activities that will take you outdoors. I’ve compiled a handy list of fun activities and ideas for children ages 2-12, to keep your summer days filled with laughter, exercise, joy and the great outdoors! Click HERE to get a blank calendar and to see the list of summer activities and ideas!
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Alessandra is 26 years old and from Brazil  joined the W family in June and will be caring for three adorable triplet girls. Alessandra volunteered  her time in Brazil with children who have cancer. Alessandra enjoys reading, listening to music, adventure sports, playing guitar, writing, and traveling. She is very excited to be a part of her new family here in the U.S. Welcome to Colorado Alessandra!

  • One reason that Brazilians make good au pairs is that they are raised to be very affectionate and family-oriented.
  • Brazilians love to share their culture with their host families.  Asking them to share a tradition, recipe or teach the kids how to dance as they do in Brazil brings them much joy.
mandatory May au pair meeting – Kneader’s Bakery
next mandatory monthly meeting – June 17 at 9:00 am


Kelli, who owns, Rock A My Baby, myself and several of our very own Castle Rock au pairs, Heena, (Italy), Swaantje, (Germany), Elena,(Italy), and Federica, (Italy), participated in the FREE Castle Rock Starlight Movie event, Moana on June 3rd. Kelli and I had a table set promoting her in-store baby products and children’s classes while I promoted the au pair program. Surprisingly, a lot of families did not know what an au pair was.
The au pairs were so much fun and entertained lots of children while we waited for the movie to begin. I think overall, it was a successful evening because it brought the au pairs and I together in a fun, casual to laugh, play and enjoy one another while being in the community more than anything. I’m pretty sure all of the au pairs made an impression on all of the kids they interacted with, from teaching little boys how to dance, talking and sharing the passion of soccer, playing with dump trucks, and giving tattoos. Little acts of kindness and moments of focused attention makes children feel special. Thank you for loving on so many kids that evening and every day on your host children. You girls are FUN!!!

love to play in the sand

At our Starlight movie event on June 3rd, we had a baby pool set up and filled with moon sand using this easy recipe. It is easy to clean up and will provide hours of entertainment. While preparing lunch or dinner take out your moon sand, cookie cutters, cars, plastic dinosaurs, rocks and paintbrushes, and have your kids entertain themselves happily. It is easy to make, inexpensive, and can be used multiple times. Find more fun recipes, crafts, games and activities on my    Aupairheart. 

june compliance

My family is anxiously anticipating a trip to Yellowstone in August. Many of you may have fun family trips planned as well. What may be a fun family trip for you, might not be for your au pair and how she would want to spend her vacation time. If you have invited your au pair to accompany you on a family vacation and she provides childcare, this does not count as her vacation and you should cover all her expenses. 

Compliance:  Au pairs are entitled to 2 weeks paid vacation (14 days Monday through Sunday – not 14 weekdays) and 1 1/2 consecutive days off per week, and one full weekend off per month.

Tip: Try to set up vacation time within the first couple of months after your au pair arrives. It is also a good idea to sit down and outline the American holidays your au pair will get (outside the 2 weeks), and any planned vacations you have that you would like or not like for your au pair to attend with you.

Continue reading for additional tips for best practices to a successful vacation with your au pair, “on-duty”, and “off-duty.”

for the love

As always, I appreciate the confidence that you have in me when you refer a family member, friend or neighbor directly to me, so that I can make sure they are able to get their personal family needs met by taking the time to work with them. All of you have been wonderful to work with, host families and au pairs. I do my best to make sure everybody has a positive experience while on the program by connecting au pairs, providing resources on my website, and offering as much assistance as I can to new families to make this type of childcare as easy and smooth as can be while you adjust to welcoming a new family member into your home. With that said, I am always open to feedback, as not one way is the only way or the best way to do things for all families. If you have any suggestions you would like to offer, please feel free to send them my way.Thank you once again for all that you do. 

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