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These are some of the sweet, young and ambitious au pairs I had the pleasure of working with as a Childcare Consultant who came from Italy, Switzerland, South Africa, Austria, Brazil, and Mexico. All of these young ladies have returned home to their countries after completing a successful year or two with their host families caring and loving their host children well to continue making great strides in their personal lives growing from the opportunity, relationships, and self-discovery.

The Au Pair program is more than just childcare. These young ladies become integrated into the daily lives of their host families leaving imprints in the hearts of the family and making an impact. These au pairs and their host families have become part of a global family opening up their children’s world and making it so much bigger.

Here is a brief overview of what the au pair childcare program is and some questions to ask yourself while figuring out the best childcare option for your family and your family needs. The au pair program will not fit every family and lifestyle, but for some families who have discovered this program, it is the only childcare option!

It is important to find childcare that will work best with your family’s lifestyle, budget, and schedule. Our au pair childcare program and cultural exchange program offers your family-flexible, live-in childcare with an international perspective. Your au pair lives with you as a member of your family, and your children benefit from personalized and consistent care in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Au pairs are young people from overseas who travel legally to the U.S. to care for children on a cultural exchange visa.
  2. Au pair working conditions are regulated by the U.S. Department of State, so there are rules that must be followed.
  3. An au pair can work up to (but no more than) 45 hours a week, 10 hours per day.
  4. Au Pairs are paid a set weekly stipend of $195.75, as dictated by the U.S.  Department of State.
  5. Many au pairs have hundreds, even thousands, of hours of experience as babysitters, tutors, kindergarten assistants, camp counselors, and sports instructors.
  6. Our agency does not recruit using third-party recruiters or agents.
  7. Our au pairs are First Aid and CPR certified by the American Red Cross as soon as they arrive from their home countries.
  8. They have their own health insurance and international driver’s license.
  9. There are tax benefits, too! I can send you more information on specific tax incentives if you would like!
  10. The opportunity to expose your family to a new language and culture and to share the American culture! Maybe select a candidate that has a background in a certain language, like French or Spanish so that they can teach your kids. As a host family, you will be welcoming an au pair – who becomes an extended family member—into your home. It means relying on her to provide trusted care for your children and helping with household duties, and in exchange, providing a private room and setting a place at the dinner table for her each night.

Does your family have the Au Pair Heart to host?




Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you determine the type of childcare and the needs you would like to have met.

  1. Which is more important to you: socialization or a caregiver that provides one-on-one attention?
  2. How much flexibility do you need or want?
  3. How important is the convenience?
  4. Could you use help around the house? An extra driver? Someone, to help with homework? Meal prep, laundry or room clean-up?
  5. How much control do you want over your child’s environment?
  6. Are you interested in the cultural exchange?
  7. Would live-in care be an acceptable option for your family?


If your interested in this rewarding childcare option and want to learn more, please register at I look forward to sharing the program with you!

A Placement Specialist and I will help you through the selection process, screen candidates, and give you personal attention to find out what fits your needs. It will give you an idea of what type of candidates we have, and if you are still interested, then you can move forward. Once you’ve registered on my website, I will be notified! I looked forward to sharing this fantastic program with you and helping you get set up for a successful hosting experience!

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