Au Pair Estelle from France

Estelle skydiving with a friend in Colorado during her first au pair experience. 

Estelle is a mature, 22-year-old from France who is returning to her first host family’s home for a second au pair experience. Estelle connected so well with the L family and their growing girls and was thrilled to be asked back into their home, hearts, lives, and our beautiful state of Colorado. Estelle enjoyed the challenges but also the pleasures that came with being a “big sister” to their growing children and is excited to be coming back in August.
Estelle will be leaving her countryside home, an hour’s drive from Paris where her mother, brother and sister reside.

Estelle has a passion to travel. She has been to Germany, Spain, Greece, other European countries, Kenya and road tripped last summer traveling the west coast of the U.S. One of Estelle’s main reason for wanting to be an au pair besides her love for children is her desire to travel. She still has many places she would like to see and things to do.

Cultural Tips about French Au Pairs

  • Family has always been the most important element of society, and most French people put a high priority on spending time with their families.
  • In France, having discussions and questioning things is widely embraced – a family might perceive it as arrogance, but it is simply a communication mean and part of the culture.

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