Mother’s Day – Au Pair’s Share Their Love


Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you for the love, care and concern you show and give as a host mother. I asked each of your au pairs what they loved and appreciated about YOU! I received numerous heartfelt responses.

Thank you for embracing the spirit of the program! Your children benefit from the care they receive from your au pair when they feel they are a part of your family.

I love and appreciate my Host Mom because…

  • She is always so understanding and cares about the au pair program and if I am having fun. She makes sure I am comfortable. My host mom is always ready to try something new and I admire this a lot.
  • She treats me like a real family member.
  • She always makes sure that I have everything that I need and that I am happy. She gives me a feeling that she really likes having me in her family.
  •  She takes time doing stuff with me.
  • The way I was welcomed into my host family’s home and am genuinely cared for.
  • The freedom and independence I am given when I need it.
  • She can be serious, but she can be fun too, and make me laugh and feel comfortable.
  • She is funny, loyal and has a big heart. She has helped me out every day since I arrived to the U.S.  She showed me everything I needed to know until I got comfortable with the new routine. She makes me laugh every day and I love spending time with her. She will always be an important person in my life now and forever.
  • My host family has become a second family to me which surprised me. I didn’t think this would happen. I believe even though we will be separated by an ocean we will always be connected. I never thought I would have two families.
  • She encourages me and listens to me.  She lets me know what I am doing right, not only what I need to be doing differently or better.
  • Allowing me to spend quality time with the family and the way they make me feel like a genuine family member.

A huge “Thank You” to my Castle Rock host families who have provided a loving, home away from home to their au pairs.


The au pair childcare and cultural exchange program offers families flexible, live-in childcare with an international perspective. Your au pair lives with you as a member of your family, and your children are cared for by someone who loves them as a family member. Your children are given personalized attention and consistent care in the comfort of their home.

Registering is totally free and very easy. Just visit my website and click register! A Placement Specialist and I will help you through the selection process, screen candidates, and give you personal attention to find out what fits your needs. It will give you an idea of what type of candidates we have and if you are still interested, then you can move forward.

Does your family have the Au Pair Heart to host?

Saturday, 6 May 2017 6:15 PM


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