Children’s Day Craft

May 5th is Kodomo no Hi or Children’s Day in Japan. It is a day set aside to respect children’s personalities and to celebrate their happiness. On this day, families raise the carp-shaped koinobori flags (carp because of the Chinese legend that a carp is the most spirited fish that swims upstream and becomes a dragon, and the way the flags blow in the wind looks like they are swimming), with one carp for the father, one for the mother, and one carp for each child (traditionally each son). These colorful cloth kites are attached to long bamboo poles and hung outside the family home.

Koinobori Song

Yane yori takai koinobori
Ookii magoi wa otousan
Chiisai higoi wa kodomotachi
Omoshirosouni oyoideru

The koinobori are higher than the rooftops
The big black carp is the father
The small golden-red carp is the child
How pleasing it is to swim!


Carp Craft and other children’s fun craft’s

  • Grab some construction paper, scissors, glue, paint, glitter, markers, streamers.

  1. While your host children are creating their beautiful and amazing carps, spend time talking about what makes them happy? What makes them special, beautiful and unique? What qualities about them stand out? What are they good at? How do they make you laugh? Give examples of what you have seen? Examples of showing kindness, honesty, sharing, quiet and thoughtful are all good character traits. Artistic ability, athleticism, or humor are all great too.

  2. Have the kids create a carp for mom and dad. While the kids are making carps for mom and dad ask the kids to name all of the ways mom and dad show their love for them and vice versus. What does mom and dad do that make them happy? What can the kids do to make mom and dad happy?


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