Castle Rock Fire Station #151 Fire Safety Event


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A huge thank you to the firemen at station #151 for taking time out of their day to educate our group of Castle Rock Host Families and Au Pairs on the best safety practices to follow.

Au pairs together represented the countries of Brazil, South Africa, Austria, Germany, and Italy.

  • Test smoke and CO alarms once a month and replace batteries once a year
  • Make sure you have a fire alarm on every floor of your home
  • Plan fire escape routes for your family and identify a meeting place outside the home in case of an emergency
  • Keep matches, gasoline, and all flammable materials locked away and out of a child’s reach
  • Never leave cooking food unattended
  • Introduce children to a firefighter, so they will know not to be scared in the case of a fire
  • Avoid plugging several appliance cords into the same electrical socket
  • Consider buying safety ladders for upper levels of your hoe and show older children how to use them

Visit this website for more information on fire escape planning and drills.

Escape planning grid 

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