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View the April Issue and check out page 16 of this issue to view photos of  Castle Rock Au Pairs.

As a host family, you will be welcoming an au pair – who becomes an extended family member—into your home. It means relying on her to provide trusted care for your children and helping with household duties, and in exchange, providing a private room and setting a place at the dinner table for her each night. Does your family have the Au Pair Heart to host?

Registering is totally free and very easy. Just visit my website and click register! A Placement Specialist and I will help you through the selection process, screen candidates, and give you personal attention to find out what fits your needs. It will give you an idea of what type of candidates we have and if you are still interested, then you can move forward.

What is an Au Pair?  Watch this short Video to find out!

Before, during and after matching with your au pair Watch this short Video for success!

I think the most exciting and most beneficial part of this unique program is the cultural diversity you bring into your home. Au pairs come from many countries all over the world and can expose your entire family to their language and culture. Your children will learn words in your au pair’s native tongue as well as songs and games from her home country. Au pairs also help children gain a renewed appreciation for their own environment and a desire to see more of the world. Global awareness encourages children to see things from different perspectives that will be useful to them and will remain with them for life. 

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