South African Au Pair, Jessie


Welcome Jessie! Jessie is 25 years old and from South Africa. Jessie joins the G family who has four girls. Jessie is passionate about people, and has a lot of patience and a great love for children. She loves learning new things that contribute to her personal growth. Jessie taught math and physical education at the Cedar House Prep School working with grades 4th through 7th grade.
South African au pairs are known for two things – being friendly and hard working. South Africa is an extremely diverse and multicultural nation. Au pairs from South Africa are willing to adjust to any type of environment they are put into and tend to be open and hospitable towards everyone they meet.

Jennifer Morrow

Local Childcare Consultant/Matching Specialist

Flexible, affordable, cross-cultural exchange and childcare program.


Monday, 27 March 2017 10:37 PM


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