Hiking Fun and Facts

Jefferson County Open Space and Trail Difficulty Rating 

I recommend Lair o’ the Bear, Matthew’s Winter’s Park and South Valley. All three hikes are beautiful and great to do with children.  I have always seen other families hiking and so it has felt safe to do alone with my kids. I suggest packing lunches and making a day out of it. Great to do during the summer with your host children. These trails are fine to have a stroller on as well.

Hiking is always a fun and free activity to do. Invite other au pairs and their host children with you and make it an adventure.

To keep young kids entertained print this scavenger hunt. Or create your own scavenger hunt. You can write items on a paper bag or have the kids decorate the paper bag to use to collect their found treasures during the hike.

Do you know what to do if you come across a bear or mountain lion? I’ve been hiking for over 20 years in Colorado and have never encountered either, but I do sometimes wonder as I am hiking what I would do if I came across one.

Be Aware: Bears and Mountain Lions Live In This Area.

To decrease your chances of a surprise encounter with a bear or lion…

  1. Stay alert.
  2. Make noise while you hike. Hike in groups.
  3. Keep children within sight.

If you see a bear

  • Stay Calm
  • Don’t Run
  • Avoid cubs
  • Talk out loud in a low voice.
  • Avoid direct eye contact.
  • Back away slowly.



If you see a lion

  • Stay calm
  • Stop. Face lion. Don’t run.
  • Pick up small children so they don’t panic and run.
  • Make yourself look large
  • Talk out loud in a low voice
  • Avoid direct eye contact
  • Back away slowly

    If you are attacked by a bear or lion…

  • Fight back:Use whatever is available like rocks, sticks – ever your bare hands!
  • When fighting back, try to protect your head and neck.

Items to pack for your hike:

  1. Water
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Band-aids
  4. A hat
  5. Light jacket
  6. Wipes
  7. Snacks
  8. Comfortable shoes

Have fun exploring!

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