Easter Tree with Painted Eggs


How to make an Easter Tree with Painted Eggs

You will need:


Small needle or tack


Watercolors or acrylic paints or colored sharpies


Small tree branch

Paper clips

Baby snot nose sucker syringe



Sand or small stones

Colorful thread and beads

  1. Before you paint eggs for you Easter tree, you need to blow the raw eggs out of their shells, so the eggs will be light enough to hang from the branch. You can blow out the eggs ahead of time, as you use eggs for cooking and eating, collecting a few shells at a time. (TIP: Use a baby snot nose sucker bulb. This could prevent unwanted injuries from passing out)

  2. To blow an egg out of its shell, use a small needle or a tack to make a hole at each end of the egg shell.

  3. After you have made both holes, blow into one hole, or use the bulb, pushing the raw egg out through the other hole into a bowl. Carefully wash the egg shell and let it dry. Store empty shells in an egg cartoon until you are ready to paint them or use colored sharpies.

  4. Paint the egg shells with water colors or acrylic paint. Let the paint dry completely.

  5. Set the tree branch in the container. Put sand or small stones around the branch so it stands up straight. OR hang your beautifully created eggs from a tree branch in your yard.

  6. Open each paper clip so it will fit through the hole in the pointed end of an egg shell. Careful feed one end of a paperclip into the hole on each shell. The paperclip will work like a hook inside the shell to hold it. Or you can thread a piece of string through the egg and decorate the string with beads to hang on your branch.

  7. Hang the eggs on the branch for a colorful Easter decoration.

Have fun creating holiday traditions.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017 7:12 PM


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