Mexico Au Pair, Faby

Fabiola is a cheerful, sweet, patient, humorous 22-year-old girl who is always smiling. Fabiola studied Tourism at the university and will continue her education to be a teacher after her experience as an au pair. Fabiola loves children and will be a great addition to the V family who have 4 children. Welcome to Colorado, Fabiola!
  • Mexican au pairs tend to be very affectionate and family-oriented. Mexicans look to be treated as a true member of the family. Asking how their day was and including them in family activities and discussions are appreciated.
  • In Latin homes, the house is the domain of the mother.  Latin au pairs will be hesitant to “help themselves” or take over duties in the kitchen unless they are expressly asked to do so by their host parents since in their own culture this would be stepping on the toes of the matriarch.  Being clear with what is allowed or asked of them is appreciated.


Friday, 10 March 2017 3:30 AM


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