October Meeting – Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios

Castle Rock local childcare consultant Jennifer Morrow joined area au pairs and Kevin Taulman, certified and licensed black belt instructor with Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios in Castle Rock on October 13 for a personalized women’s self-defense class. “The women’s self-defense class was a great way to introduce these young women to basic self-defense techniques and to emphasize situational awareness, creating self-empowerment in a fun and educational way,” Morrow said. Kevin, Chief Instructor and Studio Manager at Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios believes in using the M.Y.S.E.L.F. A program which stands for, “Move, Yell, Strike, Escape, Leave and Find help.” This program emphasizes on situational awareness and is accompanied by a variety of techniques that are easy to execute and proven to be effective in most situations. The studio is operated by a team of instructors bound by the mission statement, “Our mission is to inspire the Men, Women and Children of our communities to realize their personal best through the timeless traditions of the martial arts in an environment that is proudly built upon the more rewarding aspects of life – Respect, Health and Happiness.” The Castle Pines and Castle Rock au pairs together represented the countries of Brazil, Italy, Austria and Germany. Morrow supports area parents and au pairs, advising them of educational opportunities, as well as organizing fun activities for the entire extended family to enjoy. The program allows qualified young people with proven experience to live in the United States for one year, providing child care for local families, while taking college courses and experiencing American culture first hand. “I think this program is an exciting way to integrate cultures, not only for the host families and their children, but to those in the community,” Morrow said. For more information on inviting an au pair into your home, visit Jennifer Morrow’s website at jmorrow.aupairnews.com.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017 9:32 PM


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