Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Irish people live all over the world and they love to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. In New York City, its parade is the largest in the world with more than 150,000 participants. In Chicago, Illinois, they dye the Chicago River green.
This year, Denver, Colorado will celebrate its 55th annual St. Patrick’s Day parade in downtown Denver on March 11th at 9:30 am.
How did St. Patrick’s Day begin and who was St. Patrick?  St. Patrick was born in Britain. When he was 16, he was taken by bandits and sold into slavery. While a slave, Patrick’s faith grew stronger as he found comfort in prayer. After six years of slavery, Patrick escaped and became a priest. Patrick returned later to Ireland to teach Christianity. Patrick led many Irish people to become Christian and founded many churches. The Irish people honored St. Patrick’s Day by going to church, feasting, and dancing. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17.

Did you try to catch the Leprechaun as a child? Have you continued this tradition with your children?

How to catch a Leprechaun

What are the three symbols of St. Patrick’s Day and what do they represent…

Green – represents the beautiful green hillsides. Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle. You’d better wear green on Saint Patrick’s Day or you’ll be pinched.

Shamrock – Three-leaf clover that grows in Ireland. St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Trinity – the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Leprechauns – These magical men hide in the forest. If you catch a leprechaun, he must lead you to his pot of gold hidden at the end of a rainbow.


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