What does your Local Childcare Consultant do?

As a Local Childcare Consultant (LCC) I support host families and au pairs during their time together. I work with compliance and au pair visa issues, I organize fun monthly au pair meetings, I educate au pairs and host families about the program, and I help to solve issues that arise. I am an advocate for this wonderful program that increases cultural awareness.

I work for the largest and the only agency that recruits and screens our own candidates from over 25 countries and do not use third-party recruiters. Our au pairs are screened and evaluated to ensure quality candidates. While most candidates aren’t childcare professionals, our au pairs must have over 200 hours of documented experience ranging from newborns, toddlers, school aged, and special needs, and many of our au pairs exceed this requirement. Au pair candidates choose this program because it is a great way to experience American culture while being able to work with children. Au pairs that enter our program are evaluated to ensure English competency and all au pairs are First Aid and CPR certified.

When you decide to host an au pair, you are not hiring an employee, but rather deciding to invite a new member into your family. Are you willing to provide a, “home away from home” to an au pair who will in exchange care for your children while you are away at work as a loving family member? Opening your home and your heart to this unique cross-cultural child care program will enrich your lives in numerous ways.

As your Local Childcare Consultant, I will be able to help you with the matching process, tools and resources to be a successful and happy host family, take care of logistical details when your au pair arrives and to be a positive and encouraging contact throughout your experience and as you begin to grow your international family. Many of our host families maintain their relationships with their prior au pairs even after they have left their home. These families are now part of a global family.

I invest in each of my host families and au pairs to help ensure a positive and fulfilling experience. I want you to have a wonderful experience where you chose au pair child care as the only option for your family in the future.

Please call or register now at no cost, I will reach out to you immediately.

Jennifer Morrow




Sunday, 19 February 2017 8:03 PM


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