Why We Love Our Au Pair!

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Valentine’s Day is a special time. It is a day for friendship and caring. It is a holiday about love.  I wanted to recognize the heart of the au pair program and why my host families love their au pair and the program. It is heartwarming to know these au pairs are making a positive impact!


We smaller version 50 50 our au pair because…


  • the smile on her face and how it radiates throughout the house and adds a special light to the culture in our home, her positive attitude and the initiative she takes to help us.
  • that she pushes our kids lovingly to try new things, (food, games, traditions) and has made their world bigger!
  • how the girls scream and run to her when she comes out of her room in the mornings.
  • Everlasting friendships from all over the world. Our au pairs have become family and will always be a part of us even after they leave.
  • that she is full of energy. Our kids gravitate towards her. She supports our kids and cares about them.
  • We love having an au pair because life is busy and we love the flexibility. It is also nice that we can leave the house in the morning before all the kids get up and don’t have to rush around to pack them up for daycare or before school programs.
  • Our kids love her and it’s comforting to know she is around to help!
  • She is great because she is pleasant and not contentious. She just wants to help. That’s a major benefit!
  • I travel frequently for work and I know my kids are in great hands. I know she loves our children and helps us make life work.
  • The au pair program is great because with the right au pair/family combination, it gives you excellent predictability.

Thank you for taking the time to express your appreciation and love for the program and your amazing au pairs who have become a part of your family!



Wednesday, 1 February 2017 2:10 AM


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