How To Successfully Interview Your Au Pair!

The interview process should be enjoyable. In the end, deciding about the best au pair for your family will come from your gut feelings. Trust your instincts.  There will not be a perfect au pair. Having a successful experience will require work and good communication. The good communication will begin with your host family application!

25 Thoughtful Questions to Ask your au pair during the interview

How well does your au pair drive? Ask these specific questions to find out!

With the help of our team and matching specialist you will be able to narrow your search to three potential candidates based on the identified needs of your family. Once you have three great candidates in your family account you will want to begin the interview process. The best way to ensure that you have the right Au Pair for your family is to make sure that you really spend those first couple weeks screening your candidates for YOUR family needs.

Interviewing your candidates is a two-way street. The au pair will want to know about your family as well. You will want to invest time thoughtfully answering the questions in your host family profile and make sure that your profile is complete. A thorough and sincere profile suggests a family cares about their au pairs happiness and experience during her year with them. We require that our au pairs are truthful in their applications and host families should do the same. Write a thoughtful letter, include lots of photos and share some perks you can offer an au pair. If the au pair likes what she sees in your profile and has a accurate and good sense of your family, she will be more likely to interview with you!


Here are a few tips for a successful interview!

  1. Send an email to the candidates that you like, immediately. Your first email should have an introduction to your family, kids, and the area you live in.
  1. If you receive a response, send a list of questions via email. The questions should be relevant to your needs: What qualities and skills would you like your au pair to poses?  Be specific as you describe your needs. Does she need to drive? Is knowing how to swim important? Has she worked with multiple young children as a camp leader or as a nanny? Are you looking for a homebody or an au pair who is more adventurous? Have you looked at the candidates DISC personality profile? Does her profile describe her as having a calm, controlled and persistent personality or does she prefer a variety of schedules and activities which you need as your children are always on the go between school and sports! Be sure to include questions about her lifestyle and her interests.
  1. If you like the response that you get, then you’ll want to send the au pair your household expectations. You will want this to be very detailed to give an accurate picture of your family. It is in your best interest to paint a realistic picture of what your au pair can expect once she arrives. Your au pair will have everything written out clearly and can decide if she would want to live with you. Be honest about the work schedule, car use, curfew, and guests. Let the au pair interview you. They will appreciate the opportunity. You will also gain insight about a candidate based on what she wants to know.
  1. If you still like the candidate and she is interested in your family, then do a Skype interview. I would suggest doing at least 2 to 3 Skype interviews. This way you can check out her English and introduce your children. Watch how she reacts to the children. Is she animated? Welcoming? Keep in mind that face-to-face communication is easier. Don’t rule out an au pair who isn’t necessarily proficient in English. Her language will improve quickly once she arrives to the U.S. The personality match between you’re au pair and you is so much more important than their English level. English is something they are going to improve upon after they arrive, but their personality is there to stay. During the interview ask open-ended questions and be positive with a smile on your face.


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