Woven Paper Heart Valentine Baskets


Crafting woven heart baskets for Christmas is a tradition in Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Denmark. These cute heart shaped baskets can also be fun to make for Valentine’s day. Fill the paper basket with candy and sweet heart felt notes of love on Valentine’s Day!

http://www.firstpalette.com/tool_box/printables/wovenheartbasket.pdf     (heart basket template)

Simple instructions on youtube


Read all of the steps before starting.

Step 1: Choose a Pattern and Print It
Choose the size of Valentine basket you want to make and download the pattern. There are patterns for 5¼” (13 cm) and 4″ (10 cm) Valentine baskets. Print the pattern once on white paper, and then again on red or pink paper. Or, select a colored pattern and print it on white paper. Another option is to print a black & white pattern on white paper and color it with crayons or markers.

Step 2: CutCut out two oval patterns in different colors
Cut out the long, oval-shaped pattern pieces. Each Valentine basket requires two pattern pieces: one red (or pink) and one white.

Step 3: Fold
Fold each pattern piece in halfFold each pattern piece in half end-to-end. Be sure that the three center lines are on the outside.

Step 4: Cut on LinesCut folded pattern piece on lines
Hold the folded pattern piece firmly and cut on each of the three lines. Repeat for each pattern piece. If you printed on colored paper, refold the pattern piece the opposite way so that the printed lines are on the inside.

Step 5: Weave
The weaving can be tricky, so read the instructions carefully and refer to the illustration.

Weave the two pieces togetherHold the folded red pattern piece in your left hand and the white one in your right hand. Weave the first loop of the white piece inside the first loop of the red piece. Weave it over the second loop of the red piece, inside the third red loop, and over the fourth.

Weaving completeWeave the second loop of the white piece over the first loop of the red piece. Weave it inside the second red loop, over the third, and inside the fourth.

Weave the third white loop like the first and the fourth like the second. When you are done, the basket will look like the illustration and you will be able to open it up.

Tip: For the patterns with little hearts, hold the pattern piece with hearts in your left hand and the plain pattern piece in your right hand. Then follow the weaving instructions substituting the heart piece for red and plain piece for white. You should see little hearts going down the center of your basket.

Step 6: Add a Handle and Finish
Add a handleCut a handle for your basket from a scrap of paper, or use ribbon. Make the handle about 1/2″ to 3/4″ wide (1 to 1.5 cm) by 4″ to 6″ long (10 – 12 cm). Fold the handle in half, and glue or tape it inside the basket.

Surprise a loved one with this heart shaped basket made with love, filled with love! 

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