25 Questions to Ask When Choosing Childcare


During the hours, you and your child are apart, will you feel at ease knowing your child is in this setting?

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. Do you have a current state license? What licensing or accreditation do you have?
  3. How extensive are caregiver background checks?
  4. What is your holiday schedule? On what other days are you closed?
  5. How flexible are you with pickup and drop-off times? Is there a late pick-up fee?
  6. Do I pay when my child is ill or we’re on vacation?
  7. Do you offer scholarships or sibling discounts?
  8. What is the caregiver-child ratio?
  9. Are you CPR/ first-aid certified?
  10. Why do you work with children? What do you like most about caring for them? What do you like least about it?
  11. How do you comfort children?
  12. How do you discipline children? At what age, does discipline start? (“Time-out” is what you should expect to hear, and it should start no earlier than 2 years old.)
  13. What activities do you like to do with the children?
  14. What potty-training methods do you use for toddlers? How do you handle toilet accidents?
  15. What will my child be doing on any given day? May I see the daily schedule/routine?
  16. Do you let the children watch television?
  17. Must children be immunized in order to attend?
  18. What is your sick-child policy? Are children asked to stay home if they’re sick? Will you be charged for those days? Is there a clear plan for responding to illness, including how to decide whether a child needs to go home and how families will be notified?
  19. How often are the toys cleaned and replaced? What are the cleaning and sanitizing practices? Are the carpets cleaned? (Stomach viruses can live in carpets for up to 14 days)
  20. Are indoor and outdoor play areas childproofed and escape-proof?
  21. Are the children ever left unattended?
  22. Do you have a sign-in and sign-out sheet? What is the security and release policy? Who may pick up my child? What are the security measures?
  23. Where do the children sleep during nap time? Do you have a nap schedule? Can child sleep with comfort items from home?
  24. How does the program support children’s social and emotional development as well as intellectual development?
  25. Do you have an open-door policy for parental visits?


Do the children at the center or in-home daycare center seem happy and engaged? Does the nanny seem interested in your children? Is she engaging?

Are crying children responded to immediately?

Do caregivers cuddle babies? Talk directly to the children? Is their tone friendly and caring?

Is the place clean and pleasant?

Is the bathroom a pleasant setting, encouraging children to use it?

Are appropriate safety measures (fire extinguisher, first aid kit, safety gates, safety plugs for electrical outlets, etc.) in place?


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Wednesday, 18 January 2017 11:41 PM


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