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Description of Kids First:

Cultural Care Kids First Foundation, or Kids First, is a charitable foundation created to help children in need all over the world. Established by Cultural Care Au Pair, an au pair organization based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Kids First is a non-profit 501(c)3 public charity assisting organizations that provide direct services to underprivileged children. Unique to Kids First is our goal to help at-risk kids not only survive, but to thrive. For this reason, our contributions most often fund projects that will enhance a child’s ability to learn a new skill, realize a dream, and to have fun. Follow this LINK to learn about some of the organizations Kids First has been able to help.



Our history:

The Kids First campaign was first established in 2003. Many people within the Cultural Care organization were organizing events to raise money for local charities so it was natural to gather around one goal. Our first project was an orphanage in Moscow, Russia where we had just opened our newest office. Our new mission was enthusiastically received and within just a few years, we were able to donate what the orphanage needed the most – a school bus. As everyone within the organization, along with host families and au pairs, truly embraced Kids First, we were able to expand our mission to more countries as well as organizations in the U.S.

Our mission statement
“Cultural Care Kids First Foundation, drawing on the strength of the global community of Cultural Care Au Pair, provides resources to support organizations that strive to make a lasting difference in the lives of children in need around the world.”

100%+ to the children

Cultural Care Kids First Foundation is proud to say that 100% of all funds raised and donated go directly to organizations that provide direct care to children in need. And, every dollar raised goes even farther because Cultural Care Au Pair matches all donations, dollar for dollar, and covers administrative costs of the program. Most of the matched funds from Cultural Care Au Pair are used for partner projects as well, although a portion is reserved for emergency assistance, administration costs and to finance service trips and outreach visits to programs we are helping.

Who We Help

Cultural Care Kids First Foundation helps children in need around the world. From Boston to Bangalore, Sao Paulo to South Africa, Kids First has made a lasting difference in the lives of children through the purchase of books, buildings, educational supplies, art classes, playgrounds, computers, scholarships, school fees and more. Through our grant program, Fund Their Future, and other grants, we have reached children in 75 organizations in 17 countries.

Some of the organizations that have received support from Kids First over the years are:

A few of the projects we’ve done.

Thanks to volunteers in our office and our ambassador au pairs all over the country, we have stacks of colorful board books to bring to children living in an impoverished community in Colombia! Our Kids First representatives will be delivering the books to an after-school program next week so the children can learn English. Thanks to all of our staff and our ambassadors for creativity and hard work.

A Kids First donation to Multicultural Colombia, an organization whose mission is to support the country’s internal refugees, was used to finish buying all of the 2017 academic material for 35 kids! Diego Garzon, one of the project’s organizer’s said, “Thank you again for you’re help—the money has been a true blessing to our project.”

Thank you Leawood Lions on behalf of leadership for bringing in your change all week. Your change, a total of $126.96 will go to, Cultural Care Kids First Foundation which helps children in need around the world. You are part of making a difference in the lives of children. And, every dollar raised, ($126.96) goes even farther because Cultural Care Au Pair will match this donation, dollar for dollar…$253.92.

 Leawood Elementary School   

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