Au Pair Education Questions

Au Pair Education

What are the repercussions if an au pair does not complete their educational component?

  • She/he will not be able to extend her/his program year
  • She/he will not be an au pair in good standing with the program
  • She/he will not have successfully completed the program
  • She/he may be terminated from the program early
  • She/he will not be eligible to participate in the repeat au pair program

What proof does Cultural Care require to show that an au pair finished their course(s)?

  • Confirmation from the school that proves they completed the course and clearly mentions how many credits or hours the course(s) was worth. This can be in the form of a certificate, a letter from the teacher or a transcript from the school.

Does the au pair need to send in her certificates from school to Cultural Care in Boston?

  • The au pair only needs to submit certificates to the Boston office if she/he would like to extend. If the au pair is not extending, it is enough to show the certificates to the LCC, who can then respond to the Program Completion Form they received when the au pair filled it out online.

How many courses is an au pair allowed to take?

  • An au pair can take as many courses as long as they add up to at least 6 credits!

Can an au pair choose to count a course in classroom hours or credits?

  • No. Cultural Care must count the course in the same way that the school does. Only if it is a non-credit course are we able to count the classroom hours.

How many credits is a CEU worth?

  • 1 CEU (continuing education unit) is equal to 1 credit.

If an au pair is at the end of his/her year and has completed 5 credits worth of courses can they still extend?

  • They cannot extend unless they are able to complete one more credit, or 12 classroom hours in the case of a non-credit course, before the last day of their first year.

Can an au pair take a course that begins in their first year but ends in their second year?

  • The Department of State requires that they must complete the 6 credits prior to the end of their 11th month; therefore they must find a course that will end no later than 30 days before the end of her/his first year. If the 30 day deadline falls on a weekend, the final deadline might be a few days earlier, so if you have an au pair who would like to extend and whose class ends very close to the 30 day mark, please ask her to contact the Operations department at 800-48-5753 or to ensure that the class ends on time and she/he is eligible to extend.

Can an au pair carry extra credits from their first year over to their extension program term?

  • ·Yes, if an au pair has completed more than 6 credits at the end of their initial program year, the excess credits or hours can be applied toward the educationalrequirement for the extension program term. Proper documentation of these additional credits/hours (transcript, certificate, etc) will need to be maintained by the au pair and submitted to the LCC at the completion of the extension term to serve as proof that the credits/hours were completed.

Au pairs are able to take credit courses, non-credit courses, or credit courses not for credit. Only if a course is a non-credit course are we able to count the classroom hours.

  • Credit Course: Generally any course that is offered to a full time student which a school has assigned a set credit value that the student will receive upon completion. Cultural Care will count the credits that the school assigned to the course.
  • Non-Credit Course: A non-credit course is a course that a school has not assigned a set credit value to. These are usually offered through the community or continuing education departments of colleges and universities. Cultural Care will count the classroom hours of the course since no credits are assigned to the course and go by the educational standard that 12 hours = 1 credit.
  • Auditing Courses: Some schools allow students to take a credit course, but the student can elect not to receive a grade or be awarded transferable credits. This is usually referred to as auditing a course and some schools allowing auditing for discounted rates. Not all schools allow people to audit courses and it is often at the discretion of the teacher and based on space available. If an au pair chooses to audit a course, Cultural Care will count the credits that the school assigns the class (even though the au pair is not being graded nor actually receiving transferable credit.) Au pairs cannot count hours for an audited class that has credits assigned by the school.

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