Weekly Meetings are Important!

Together We Acheive More

I strongly recommend that you take time to meet with your au pair on the weekly basis. The meetings should be used as a time to review all that has happened during the last week. Making time to talk to your au pair on a consistent basis is a worthwhile investment.

Topics to discuss during this weekly meeting might include:

What did your au pair do well?

Always start off your meeting being positive. Share one positive thing your au pair did well and what you appreciated (and vice versa).

The upcoming weekly schedule

What does the upcoming week look like? Are there any deviations from the routine or special events? This could include upcoming birthday’s, holidays, house guests, and school activities.

Behavior update

Encourage your au pair to talk about how the children behaved during this last week. Discuss how it was handled.

Car Usage

Are there any concerns around the car? Car usage, cleanliness, gas, mileage, guests, etc.

Health, safety, and other issues

This is a time to mention concerns about how your au pair is caring for your children and for her/himself. When you bring up a problem, it is a good idea to talk about how the problem affects you and to avoid making accusations.

Weekly stipend

Weekly meetings are also an appropriate time to pay your au pair her/his stipend.

Clear communication between  your au pair is so important. Talking about every detail, whether big or small, will help your au pair gain confidence. And that confidence will make it easier for your au pair to make responsible decisions.



Tuesday, 22 November 2016 5:12 PM


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